I was featured on Sleepy House Press!

I was lucky enough to have a feature on Sleepy House Press’ website! The featured poem is a very raw piece to do with a past relationship I had and one I am lucky to be in now. It was one of the pieces that I won a Poetry Slam heat with recently!

SHP is a Manchester-based group with an online journal. There is a lovely team behind them and I am lucky to be a part of it!

We hold workshops every month at the Castle Hotel, Oldham Street (next one is 29th September 5:30-7:30pm)!

Check out my feature, and Some realities are hard to swallow, here!




May god crush
and stain all your sins,
rendering the pages unreadable
when we were unlucky enough to meet.

May god crush
and stain all your sins,
teaching me to learn to do the same
when I am able to forgive.

-Alex W.

To Millie, now that you’re One,

The year is 1 A.M.,

after Millius,

and a new empire is forming.

Ready for a long and fruitful career on top.

The first inauguration speech will have words

whispered as you

(somewhat awkwardly) walk to

“mama” and “da… dad….daddy”.

Your lego is the foundation

of your kingdom so build wisely, recklessly

and meaningfully.

This can be what you want it to be

so use your play phone and form relationships,

fall in love with whoever and let them make you

a playdough pizza (contradict the gender norms).

Be the greatest exporter of laughter

and fuel nations in need of a shoulder.

You’re the leader of this story so

when you learn to write

you’ll make the history.

-Alex W.

Superheroes of Slam 2015 LGBT+ Heat

I had the absolute privilege of taking part in the Superheroes of Slam 2015 LGBT+ Heat in Manchester last night! I am blown away, shocked and excited to be able to say that I won the heat and will be in the final!

If you are in, or near, Manchester and like what you’re reading on here then come see me perform in the final on 23rd October 2015 at 3 Minute Theatre, Oldham Street! It’s gonna be an incredible night and fierce competition!

Manchester Rain. (A Pantoum)

Splash, he won’t stop falling
zipping past his friends
no time to say hello
his speech silenced again.

Zipping past his friends
he’s doing it once more
his speech silenced again
life is such a bore.

He’s doing it once more
the fall is on repeat
life is such a bore
he starts to feel heat.

The fall is on repeat
the journey weighs a ton
he starts to feel heat
fading in the sun.

The journey weighs a ton
he has his final splash
fading in the sun
he will be free at last.

-Alex W.