Food for Thought

A stir-frazzled work ethic,
an almost too saucy appetite,
bitter intentions, seasoned
(with jealousy).
A spoon for stirring gossip
worth serving on
breath-bated platters.

-Alex W.


Vaiṣṇava Bhajan.

I am Viśnu, purely,

and we will bow together.

Throw ourselves at each other’s feet.

Heed my word

so we can float on cosmic oceans.

as sovereign masters.

I am Nārāyana, wise,

and you will come to know me.

Sit, you are my student.

Spend years learning under sages

so you realise every radiant light.

I am Śri, vigorous,

and you will be humble in me.

Learn as my absolute devotee.

Find your way into my being

so you can bask in adoration

as you become all knowledge.

I am Kṛṣṇa, almighty,

and I will give to you.

Lie in our bed, lover.

Embrace me as enlightened equals

so two can become one

as I will perfect you.

-Alex W.


Last night on the shore
harsh realities washed up with their sons,
some say they got lost on the way to Canada,
others say Cameron drove them there.
A Daily Mail poll reads
three quarters of a family taken whilst gasping for hope:

Father: Abdullah, servant of God;
forsaken by a godless nation
forced to suffer by politicians
who’d rather play god
than help Him save them.

Mother: Rehan, a flower;
desperate for a chance to bloom in
safe nations,
safe havens.
Places to take refuge with those who condemn:
modern day colonialists not ready to pay their
overdue overdraft
with added interest.

Son: Galip, the winner;
maybe he was trying to win the race,
someone should have told him
in England, the only race worth winning
is White.

And then there lies Aylan,
face down in the sand,
becoming a national symbol for change
because Cameron couldn’t stomach it.

3:1 NO:YES
David, the beloved,
beloved assailant of those who
made his Britain great.
How much more will he take
leaving innocents to pay the price?

He raises Aylan as a promise for change.
The Metro tells us
“as a father,
he felt deeply moved by the sight”
well David,
as a human,
I felt disgusted by your Conservative resilience.

When will you let it wear down?

-Alex W.

Algebraic Love Formulae.

I need you
like x needs y,
so I’ll write a line showing
just how much x really needs y.
Now I’ll make a comparison,
I’m x
you’re y.

I need you
like x needs y.
(Repetition to hammer the point home).
Awkward alliteration aligned alongside
metaphors clumsily strewn throughout
like wrinkled clothes on a washing line.
Mix up similes and metaphors,
hope you won’t notice.
Notice that I’m losing my mind because…

I need you
like x needs y.

-Alex W.