Vaiṣṇava Bhajan.

I am Viśnu, purely,

and we will bow together.

Throw ourselves at each other’s feet.

Heed my word

so we can float on cosmic oceans.

as sovereign masters.

I am Nārāyana, wise,

and you will come to know me.

Sit, you are my student.

Spend years learning under sages

so you realise every radiant light.

I am Śri, vigorous,

and you will be humble in me.

Learn as my absolute devotee.

Find your way into my being

so you can bask in adoration

as you become all knowledge.

I am Kṛṣṇa, almighty,

and I will give to you.

Lie in our bed, lover.

Embrace me as enlightened equals

so two can become one

as I will perfect you.

-Alex W.

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