Arise, O Nigeria

Be mine Nigeria,
lend yourself to me
so I can have him back.
I have heard about your sunsets,
the beautiful lagoons.
None compare to him.

Oh Nigeria,
guide our love right
even if it scorns you,
let me plant seeds,
let me corrupt you.
I’ve always been selfish.

Why Nigeria,
do you burn bridges to us?
Someone told me it was the heat
but I’ve never seen hotter
than the passion we can loose
on your shores.

I beg you Nigeria,
take my voice,
take my words,
use them, please,
direct our noble cause
to let him be mine.

Arise O, Nigeria,
let him serve my fantasies
with love, strength and faith.
The labour of our love past
will not be in vain
for I will have him again.

I tell you Nigeria,
our lust is bound for freedom,
I will not fight you
I will walk in,
the quiet assassin
and take him from your land.

-Alex W.



When we went for walks

I felt close to you,

warm in you.

Now the routes are blocked.

I have a raging hunger for you,

I am insatiable for ‘us’.

Maybe we can talk our way back together?

Feast on new memories and

go for a walk

because I want to be close to you.

Let’s spend some time building bridges.

Maybe we can talk our way back together,

swallowing each other’s words

to feel near,

feeding ourselves on the sound of our voices,

our hunger satisfied,

we can speak.

For now, we will have to fill

our appetite for each other

with cracking phone lines

and hidden corners to love each other in.

Maybe if we can talk our way back together

we can go for a walk

and be close again.

-Alex W.

Superheroes of Slam final

I had a lovely time performing at the Superheroes of Slam final on Friday! I am so proud of how I did, I came 6th, and it was incredible getting to see talented performers from all over the North/Midlands! It completely blew my expectations out of the water and changed what I understand as “slam poetry”.

Jenny Hibberd, Raven Maguire and Paris Kaur were the standouts for me, although everyone was incredible! They completely changed what I thought you could do at a slam! Left feeling very inspired and happy!

Hope you are all having lovely days! -Alex W.

During the summer,

I used to come home to you

but now it’s only your echo.

I’ve tried to wrap myself in you

so I can sleep tight, it’s no use,


you stand behind me at my desk,

sit in the kitchen whilst I cook.

Sometimes I think you’re haunting me

but they are just memories.


Now, I come home to a warehouse

of everything we’ve done.

The walls we built are crumbling

flooding the house.


You never were a great swimmer,

I’m worried we’ll drown.

-Alex W.

Fighting Time.

You always held me so tight.
At night it was as if
you were trying to squeeze silenced words out of me,
have them choke on the floor so you would see what only I knew.

Maybe you were simply holding me
like you clutch something slipping;
careful not to let me fall through fingers and
Breaking us apart.

I have unfortunate news for you, dear,
through all the holding,
I was still dropped.
I fell back to the ground
and you slipped away
never to be found.

-Alex W.

Cake and Biriyani.

We’re standing at what feels like the
edge of the world,
the edge of our world
and it is happening.
The world is just happening around us,
I don’t think we care.
We’re staring at each other
sure of nothing but the fact we’re in love;
the irony of it doesn’t hit us
because a fact is something that cannot be disproven,
but this is more concrete than any science lesson.

We’re standing
I say I love you,
you say it too.
We’re in love
we’re out, around, off, under, over, on and in love,
we are everything and everywhere love can be,
in every place we can hide then find it.

I can’t remember the last time I was this happy
and I say that all the kids must have been jealous of you
because you found the thing
that’s been hiding from me all my life.
I say, you keep looking long after the game has ended
and that one last person has been forgotten:
you are a king,
the king of hide and seek.
I make you a crown out of branches
at the edge of the world
and bow to you,
just letting time move around us.

Suddenly the world happens too fast
and we have to separate
‘at least for a while’ you say.
I see the sadness in your eyes
you think I don’t,
you’re hoping that throughout this crumbling
you can stay strong
but some buildings are meant to fall.
So I promise you
‘one day when we’re back here
I will pick up the rubble and bricks
and rebuild us back into the empiric castle
that sheltered me from realities’.

So we walk away solemn,
hoping that someday soon,
sometime just around the corner
we’ll reclaim that paradise
at the edge of the world,
the edge of our world.

-Alex W.