Arise, O Nigeria

Be mine Nigeria,
lend yourself to me
so I can have him back.
I have heard about your sunsets,
the beautiful lagoons.
None compare to him.

Oh Nigeria,
guide our love right
even if it scorns you,
let me plant seeds,
let me corrupt you.
I’ve always been selfish.

Why Nigeria,
do you burn bridges to us?
Someone told me it was the heat
but I’ve never seen hotter
than the passion we can loose
on your shores.

I beg you Nigeria,
take my voice,
take my words,
use them, please,
direct our noble cause
to let him be mine.

Arise O, Nigeria,
let him serve my fantasies
with love, strength and faith.
The labour of our love past
will not be in vain
for I will have him again.

I tell you Nigeria,
our lust is bound for freedom,
I will not fight you
I will walk in,
the quiet assassin
and take him from your land.

-Alex W.


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