My first love letter. (A found poem)

Dear Jenny,


Happy Birthday Princess!

Sometimes we irritate each other.


Once in a while, like today,

I meditate;

it is not joyous.

Time passes swiftly,

love has made me selfish.


I am forgetful of you,

can’t say I love you.

Every time I put my arms around you?

Too many things.


I am lucky to share my life with

the incomparable Josephine,

continually a burning, glowing flame,

the greatest woman I ever met.


You still fascinate and inspire me though,

You just don’t realise:

no written words can adequately express

how fascinatingly beautiful I am.

Happiness is within me,

try to be as strong as me.


I hope you’ve had a special day,

Love Alex xx


-Alex W. (First draft for NaPoWriMo 7/30. The article the poem was ‘found’ from can be found here)


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