Incognito in Transit

You’ve just left me,

I feel broken, at least a little bit,

I’m working on getting better,

I’m getting ready to pick up the pieces,

my friends call me up,


ask me if I want to go out



and I’m




THERE! I’m so totally there man,

it’s been ages man – how are you?

Don’t worry guys, I’ve been keeping up,

social media – we can’t stand it,

can’t stand to live without it, am I right?

How am I dealing with the break up?

Maaan, that’s in the past!

I’m fine, onto greener pastures innit!

It was a dead end relationship anyway,

I’m better off without ‘em!


Anyway, let’s get some drinks in,

I’m ready to get fucked UP,

both literally and figuratively, eh?

What have you been up to? How’s Uni going?

Man I miss Uni, man I miss those days,

so chilled now it’s just grind, grind, grind –

kinda like I’m gonna be doing tonight, right?

Right?? RIGHT?!

You know me man, full of jokes man.

I can’t wait for tonight, it’s going to be great.

So, yeh, you were saying – Uni, how is it?

Ah that’s great to hear!

We’re heading out soon right?

Sweet, I’ll get the taxi – my treat guys, my treat,

what club we going to?


Hey man, it’s been a minute since we been here,

I’m gonna head back now,

it’s been real man,

been real fun, so much fun,

we gotta do this more often,

nah I’m serious,

it’s GOT to happen,

a night out with my boys,


nights out with my boy,



nights without my boy,




nights without my boy spent in my room,

every night without my boy,

you’ve just left me,

I feel broken, at least a little bit,

I’m working through it.

I’m working on getting better,

I’m working on working on you.


-Alex W. (First draft)


I’m trying to work with different voices inside one piece more and this was a first draft I wanted to post as a starting point. Any feedback and constructive criticism would be great!


Instagram Story//After Ocean

See, our tale turned south

when you puckered your mouth,

and I got out my phone;

‘wanna lighten the tone?

I’ll give you a rosy pink glow.

I’m an Instagram man,

got my filter and plan,

set the social media show’.


Said you thought I was vain,

got sucked into their game,

told you it was alright,

me and you – we still tight,

but then as I watched us go south

man, I started to doubt,

cried that you wanted out –

words fell from your puckerin’ mouth.


Fall out took us to heights,

blanked our cold hearted fights

as I grabbed the tissues

missin’ larger issues,

you realised it’s bigger than us,

‘cause try hard as we can,

without follow or fan

we’ll keep makin’ internet fuss.


-Alex W. (First draft)

The potential of indefinites

If we are meant to separate

and the year of coiling needs to be rewound,

rewind with me.


If we must undo ourselves from one another

and the stitches need unpicking,

help me pull the thread.


If the promises we made are at breaking point

and they are ready to snap before their due date,

build new ones with me.


If we are not destined to be together

and time, place, circumstance means we cannot be,

help me find the time we can.


If our love is on death row

and we are readying for its final day,

let’s give it a final meal worth remembering.


If we are meant to separate

and the world can’t take all we are,

do me a favour – let’s go out with a bang.


-Alex W. (First draft)

Three Scenes to Break Up to


I’m a child screaming ‘it’s not fair’

at the wall a stranger kicked my ball over.

Our ball over.

Or, are you the ball?

I’ve not figured that part out yet.



We are Rose and the Doctor,

we’re in Torchwood,

I’m crying, I think you are too,

we’re hoping that our hands

have mapped onto each other.

Hoping got us here in the first place,

hoping got us stranded.




We’re a final phonecall,

where the battery died before

I could finish my last sentence.


I tried to say I love you,

it sounded like I loathe you.

I’m deciding which fits best.


-Alex W. (3 first drafts for August)