Mr Man (05/30)

Okay I’ve been practicing this in a mirror and it doesn’t sound right so

how about I just say what comes to mind and hope for the best?


“I think you’re pretty.

Pretty amazing that is.

I’ve been staring at you for a while (I hope you don’t mind),

I’m just a little bit star struck with you and that face of your’s.

I mean – it’s not the only reason I like you,

I like the way you spend time with me

without seeming like you’re doing me a favour.

The sounds you make out of your word hole make me smile too.

Oh! Sometimes they make me laugh as well,

I really like it when they do that. You’re just… great!

If I had a megaphone I’d let the whole world know

or at least my neighbours, but my pay won’t cover the costs.”


Damnit, I don’t think this is coming out right.

I’m all tied-tongue or whatever people call it.


“Okay, I’m making a fool of myself here

so, I wrote some words down

on a piece of paper and want you to read it

so, here you go:”


Dear Mr Man,

you’re special. Like day-off-school special.

No… you’re more than that.

You’re real special! You’re…

you’re catching-a-rare-pokemon-on-the-first-try special.

You’re finding-a-shiny-pokemon special!

You’re catching-a-shiny-and-rare-pokemon-on-the-first-try special!!

Yeah, that sounds about right.

So, Mr Man, I like this thing we have going on.

I admit that for someone who writes for a hobby

this might not be the most eloquent thing ever

but I hope you get what I’m saying.

I like you’re face. In fact, I like you.

Let me know if you like my face too.


-A.Webb (First draft)


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