Show Business (07/30)

The crowd are in.

Lights go down.

Music goes up.

Billy walks onto stage,

stares out into the crowd,

it feels electric.

He can feel them staring back at him,

shivering with antici-



Energy up.

Smile on.

Lights up.

The routine begins;

he’s dazzling the crowd,

they’re awestruck, he can feel it.

The name on everybodies lips is gonna be:


He looks at them with a

you-wish-you-were-me look.

He knows he looks amazing.


The song reaches climax,

he’s getting nervous now.

He can do this, he’s sure of it.

This part has always been shaky but tonight,

he’ll stick the landing.

It’s time to move and behold:

twenty acrobatic tricks in a row,

five splits, spread eagles,

back flips, flip flops

one right after the other.

He’s done it!


Pulse raising,

adrenaline thick in his veins,

he stands up, arms straight.

He’s a star.

Smile stays on.

Energy stays up.


The toys are packed away – the crowd exit;

he reaches for the torch – lights down;

unplugs the stereo – music goes off;

Billy heads for the bathroom – retiring to the dressing room.

He knows he’s done himself proud tonight but

He’s a performer and

tomorrow is another show.


-A.Webb (First Draft)


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