Please, (08/30)


let me put my claws away and

quash the itch to scratch you;

reflexes I’ve been sharpening

for when you start to pounce.



let me retract the statement

I spat out to protect myself;

the venom I have held onto

in case you turn out the same.



let me pull that punch I threw

at you for trying to console me;

it’s habitual self-defense learnt

from a teacher I’d rather forget.



let me take back the bet I made

that you’d leave me too soon;

a bluff I called out of practice

for fear of being wrong again.



let me take off this pretense

I’ve been wrapping myself in;

I don’t always know what to do,

sometimes that scares me.



let me first take time to apologise

for making you play him in this act;

I’m still untangling the knots I left

in my mind whilst trying to escape.


-A.Webb (first draft)


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