Once Upon A Time (09/30)

It’s summertime and we’re just chilling,

our only purpose? Enjoy the day.

Times like this seem rare lately,

days are a process with fixed beginning and end,

the middle doesn’t bare thinking about.

Life is a flowchart,

we’ve been caught in a strong drift but

this is like the end of a fairytale,

we’re just living our happy ever after.


It’s one of those days,

even the evil witch has taken time off,

they’re catching rays outside their lair,

told the curse to cut us some slack.

Nothing seems to matter,

we’re just laughing the day away.

Work is just a story we tell kids to scare them,

it’s the troll under the bridge

and we passed it a mile back with no problems.


Do you remember the last time we did this?

We’re under a big oak tree,

I’m lying down and you’re dozing off,

just two heroes on their day off;

the prince has been rescued,

he’s laying here with me.

We talk until the sun goes in and

the treasure trove of the day is closing

but this time we make sure to take it with us.


-A.Webb (first draft)


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