Saffiyah (11/30)

She looks them up and down,

they didn’t really stand a chance,

they’re readying the pitchforks –

preparing to take down the final bastille,

the last obstacle in their way to victory.


She’s smiling,

they’re ready to burn down her defences and

she’s smiling? How dare she?

This isn’t what they expected,

they wanted a fight,

she offered them ambivalence.

She won’t be their sacrifice.


Their regiment tries to hold strong,

the cavalry leader bucks his horse,

expecting his protest to scare her.

Still, she stands resilient.

They don’t realise

that this is another day at the office for her,

the daily workload forced on her by people like them.


They didn’t raise her,

their actions didn’t break her,

they emboldened her.

She wasn’t meant to be raised on prejudice

that’s just what the world gave her,

now she won’t back down.


They try everything,

she’s seen it all before,

she bats off the slander,

parries their assault

and just stands there.

They’ve tried too many times before.

Attempted to burn her defences to the ground,

take down the final bastille

but here she stands,

unthreatened and smiling.


-A.Webb (first draft)


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