Highways (14/30)

I don’t want to be in a world

where I don’t know you.


I know, I know, I know

that sounds extreme but hear me out a second,

you’re off on your travels,

‘spreading your wings’ or whatever they say,

I’m here missing you before you even left.


I’m starting to realise that we are all cars,

going down a highway on one big road trip,

we’re listening to the same song,

singing the same words,

sharing these experiences but

your slip road is coming up,

it’s time for you to bow out.

Join other highways,

sing other songs,

learn new lyrics and meet new people.


I’m not trying to stop you,

speed off and never look back!

You have new roads to drive down,

routes to get lost on and go round

and round and round in circles on for an hour

wondering who led you the wrong way.

Maybe there are no wrong ways?

I reckon you’ll develop a map,

learn these new streets like the back of your hand,

give it a year and you’ll be a master of this journey,

you might even be able to do it with your eyes closed!

Err, not that I’d suggest that.


Look, what I’m saying is:

thank you, you’ve been a great companion,

there have been nights you’ve kept me awake

when I’m drifting at the wheel.

There are times when I’m about to lose it because


but you reminded me that they’re trees,

there’s a ton of them.

Even though that’s true I can’t stop thinking

that there’s only one of you.


I know, I’m being dramatic,

I’ll see you again, we’ll speak soon.

Just let me have this moment.

I’ve seen so many people go

promising to come back.

You know what those roads are like;

you can keep going forward

it’s finding your way back that can be hard.


So good luck, you don’t need it but there it is.

You’re going to be amazing!

What am I going to do?

I’m going to erect billboards in your honour,

smile every time I see them along the road,

not forget the road trip we’ve been on,

the songs we sang, the words we yelled from the top of our lungs.

I’ll even remember the lyrics we got wrong. Repeatedly.


I’m starting to realise that we are all cars.

If we stay driving down the same highway

we’ll get stuck in traffic so,

speed off! Charge down those roads,

never look back…


but if you do,

look back at me.

I’ll be looking out for you.


-A.Webb (first draft)


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