Permission Slip (19/30)

I’m working on taking what I’ve been given,

no second guesses, no ‘are you sure?’s,

just bold assumptions that if someone is offering,

I’m okay to take.

My needs aren’t always an inconvenience.

People offer so I can have,

it isn’t some test they’ve put in place.

I won’t fail if I accept them,

it’s okay to take support, help, guidance.

I’m teaching myself to feed on kindness,

to stop second guessing intentions,

instead to just enjoy the feast

Starving yourself of goodwill won’t help,

you’ll still be hungry for help,

you’ll always need nutrition.

It is not a sin to eat at your table.


Do you remember when you used to have seconds?

Waited eagerly for the dish to pass you by again,

excited for another chance to enjoy the meal.

When they stopped calling you a ‘growing boy’,

when you lost explicit permissions to take what you needed

you taught yourself to survive on scraps.

You’re running on empty.

This is your permission slip to keep eating,

enjoy the flavours – it’s an experience after all.

Take what you are given,

a bold assumption that when someone offers

you are okay to take it.

Sit, eat, you look hungry.

Enjoy the feast you made yourself.


-A.Webb (first draft)


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