Sex Sells (21/30)

Honey, we can make this beautiful!

Sure, it’ll take some work, anything worthwhile does.

Let’s plan out a campaign to romanticise the awful thing that happened.

Get it right and we can sell it to the world.

Our lives will still be a mess but we’ll be idols.


We’ll distort the reality of what happened to make millions;

with every purchase of our heavily edited, neat and tidy trauma

you will receive an exclusive pair of rose tinted glasses,

a perfume bottle packed with our scent the night it happened

(spray it on yourself for the illusion of understanding)

and last but certainly not least;

signed photographs from us, the stars!


Pay extra and we’ll record a personalised cassette tape

detailing our suffering, fear and anxiety about the situation

so you too can put yourself in the mindset of a survivor!

It’s an offer you simply cannot refuse!!


Huh, how apt.


-A.Webb (first draft)


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