Consideration (22/30)

I’m sat in the gardens,

basking in the sunlight,

cooled by the breeze.

I don’t think this is paradise

I’m not sure that exists,

though it’s a pretty good stand-in.

I do my best to give time to the world,

take in every little thing that passes by,

sometimes it’s not practical.

It would be nice to shut everything off,

power down and just exist.


I came out here in hopes of change,

thinking that maybe I’d discover myself again,

relax more and care less.

If that was my goal I haven’t succeeded,

but as I looked around the garden,

I realised it’s beautiful the way it is,

I might even say perfect (or as close as possible)

So, I might not be able to turn off whenever I want

but if the garden is this amazing by just being,

maybe I am too.

Maybe it’s more than enough to be me.


-A.Webb (first draft)

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