Brewing. (29/30)

I’m sat in the local coffee house

getting ready for my artisan drink

birthed from the guest ‘beans of the month’.

It’s going to be delicious,

I can already taste the pretense

dripping from my lips and it is fabulous.

No, it’s so much more than that,

it’s… unique, breathtaking and, most of all, independent.

The idea of it makes my body shiver.


The music at this place is magical;

a fast-paced symphony of harmonious clicks.

The instruments? The latest Macbooks,

standard models to my right,

the ‘airs’ to my left and in the centre is me,

leading the orchestra with my ‘pro’.

We are all sat there, drinking our coffees not even realising

what we are in the process of crafting:

the 21st Century’s answer to ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’.


The bearded barista observes from behind the coffee machines,

wipes a tear from his eye,

thinking of the story he can regale his family with.

How he witnessed the rebirth of creativity,

the simultaneous act of dismantling and rebuilding

what the world knows as masterpieces.

Today, we didn’t just create art,

we single handedly blew the concept out of the water,

smashed expectations and became legends in the making.

We are not simply artists,

oh no no, darling, we are better than that,

we are artistes.


-A.Webb (first draft)


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