Has NaPoWriMo been and gone? Is it safe to come out now? You really mean it?! I’m free!

Well, wasn’t that an adventure?! I enjoyed NaPoWriMo much more this year and I think that’s a sign that I’ve improved a lot as a writer. Thanks to everyone who read any of my pieces! I’m excited to start editing them so they become vaguely presentable.

The main lesson I’ve taken away is to stop abusing the enter key like it is going out of fashion. I hereby commit to no more poems that


a bit



unless it is for

deliberate effect





Thank you for your support and a huge hello to all the new followers from this month! I hope you’ll stick around to read more of my work. This is pretty much guaranteed asyou are now contractually obliged to stay a dedicated independencedaywriting-follower. So, pull up some floor space and get ready to regret your decision to ever support me as a writer.

Of course that was a hilarious joke by yours truly, there is no pressure to stay but I’d love it if you did.

Have a great day and see you on here soon!

– Alex x


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