My first love letter. (A found poem)

Dear Jenny,


Happy Birthday Princess!

Sometimes we irritate each other.


Once in a while, like today,

I meditate;

it is not joyous.

Time passes swiftly,

love has made me selfish.


I am forgetful of you,

can’t say I love you.

Every time I put my arms around you?

Too many things.


I am lucky to share my life with

the incomparable Josephine,

continually a burning, glowing flame,

the greatest woman I ever met.


You still fascinate and inspire me though,

You just don’t realise:

no written words can adequately express

how fascinatingly beautiful I am.

Happiness is within me,

try to be as strong as me.


I hope you’ve had a special day,

Love Alex xx


-Alex W. (First draft for NaPoWriMo 7/30. The article the poem was ‘found’ from can be found here)


Two sides of the same coin (found in comments in an article on a ‘gay wedding’)

i) This devilish act…

Please Lord will you help us?

I’ve read it in the Bible,

all bad things start with them.

They’re spoiling this country.

May Lord have mercy,

evil spirits at work.

I can only pray

He lets justice be done.


ii) …that’s their life

Dear God please help us,

let them be.

They’re not arrested,

make them free.


Only God can judge us

were they not aware?

Wonders shall never end:

this is a lesson.

-Alex W. (First draft for NaPoWriMo 1/30)