I’ve been following you
for months now,
I don’t know the way
out of the maze we made.

Do you remember me?
Am I here?
Are my footprints only
mirages in our way?

Please be careful with me,
tread lightly,
I’m far too delicate
after all we’ve been through.

Is this nearly over?
Grown weary,
desperate for shelter,
will you find us our home?

– Alex W. (First draft)


Manchester Rain. (A Pantoum)

Splash, he won’t stop falling
zipping past his friends
no time to say hello
his speech silenced again.

Zipping past his friends
he’s doing it once more
his speech silenced again
life is such a bore.

He’s doing it once more
the fall is on repeat
life is such a bore
he starts to feel heat.

The fall is on repeat
the journey weighs a ton
he starts to feel heat
fading in the sun.

The journey weighs a ton
he has his final splash
fading in the sun
he will be free at last.

-Alex W.