I did it!

I grabbed the halloumi

and ran.

The first step of recovery

was going shopping,

the paying would come later.

-Alex W.


Sickday at the Opticians.

I overfed on our memories,

fell homesick and

skived work to go to the past.

You warned me about the rosy filter,

“things look better when they’re gone”,

I didn’t listen.

“That’s the point” I said,

“now we’re separate,

maybe we can make this work”.

-Alex W.


I am in love with a phone,
it plays hard to get.
Sometimes the signal is bad,
it won’t talk to me
no matter how hard I try.

Other times I just can’t get through,
calling and sending endlessly,
it always ends the same.
“I can’t come to the phone right now,
you have reached the deaf inbox”.

When I dream of getting married
the crackling lines
are the wedding march.
Walking down the aisle,
not sure if it will turn up.

If it does turn up
it’s usually three hours late.
It’s difficult loving a phone,
not the normal warmth I know,
no comfort in giving more than I can get.

I have a lover,
our lust survives on broken phonelines
because I can’t have them here.
When they call, I pick up,
but it’s always white noise.

-Alex W.