I’ve been following you
for months now,
I don’t know the way
out of the maze we made.

Do you remember me?
Am I here?
Are my footprints only
mirages in our way?

Please be careful with me,
tread lightly,
I’m far too delicate
after all we’ve been through.

Is this nearly over?
Grown weary,
desperate for shelter,
will you find us our home?

– Alex W. (First draft)


A Word from the Restless

Last night I ran
home to your ghost,
embraced it with my arms open
begged it to stay
‘You belong here,
give into me, we might as well
break here darling’.

You felt so warm,
I forgot you had gone, crash
landing, hopeless.
The rush of it
had me lost in the ignorance
we spread often,
not caring for
the consequences we have sewn.

– Alex W. (First draft)


I whispered into you,
hid you inside myself,
you keep me going,
Stop. Let me re-evaluate,
you kept me going,
I learnt to follow you,
you will keep m-
desperate for my next steps.

I learnt to settle,
anchored you in my mind,
I am a fool,
asked you to take shelter,
I was a fool,
you stayed, you came
I will be a f-
you conquered.

I whittled myself away,
hid myself inside you,
I was free,
felt comfort being digested,
I will be free,
energy for tyranny,
I am fr-
I thought it was too late.

This time¬†you won’t silence me.

-Alex W.