‘Spiderseed’ Launch and Update

Hi everyone! I know it has been ages since I last posted and I am sorry about that! Over the past few months I’ve been involved with something really exciting! I am part of a Manchester-based publishing house called Sleepy House Press and we were lucky enough to publish the outstanding David Hartley’s new collection, ‘Spiderseed’.

It was a daunting project, a scary project but one I loved and enthused over for the entire time I was working on it. On the 25th February 2016, ‘Spiderseed’ hatched and was released onto the world. We had a great time putting this all together and David Hartley’s 20 flash fictions make up a unique and inspiring collection! We were also honoured to have Emily Ingle fully illustrate the book including the cover.

We had so many people working with us and helping us and at the end of the day ‘Spiderseed’ wasn’t just Sleepy House Press and David Hartley. It was a Manchester-centred but all-over-UK effort and we did it! We made this thing and it is great!

David, thank you so much for letting us get involved and trusting us with your project. It has been a joy to work with you. Thank you Emily for bringing your beautiful eye to the project. You are mind-blowingly talented and I am glad I finally got to meet you! Thank you Marg for being incredible patient with designing the layout and listening to our ridiculous requests. Ryan and Alex, thank you for filming the trailers for ‘Spiderseed’. They are incredible and I’m glad Sam knew you guys to have you on board. Thank you to Raz for being an excellent and patient proof-reader and for Comma Press for being a guiding hang for the newbies on the publishing scene! THANK YOU!

Sam, the other half of Sleepy House Press, you are fantastic. I’m pretty much in awe at how incredibly hard you work at everything. Thank you for bringing me into Sleepy House Press and thank you for just being fantastic and great and lovely.

One final thank you to everyone who came to David’s launch party at the Castle Hotel, Manchester, UK to celebrate! It was incredible seeing you all and I felt so proud that we had made it and were ready to loose this outstanding book into the world.

If you are Manchester-based then look out for Spiderseed at spoken word nights and (hopefully) shops near you soon! Otherwise, check out our site for the estore/ebook launch coming soon! It is a cracker of a collection.

I went to bed an ecstatic Alex and I’ve woken up even happier!


Check out the links below for the talented people involved and all the great stuff that came out of this!

David Hartley’s website: http://www.davidhartleywriter.com/

Emily Ingle’s website: http://emmyingle.weebly.com/

‘Pickaxe’ from Spiderseed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-snMvX_hL4

‘Trade’ from Spiderseed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_K4-Qmzcxo